Hey everyone, it’s Meg Ann Lee and I’m back with another makeup technique review for you. The question at hand is “to powder or not to powder your face?” I get so many questions about this as a makeup artist, so, I decided to take it to the blog and share the knowledge.

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Types of Powders: Translucent, Setting, and Finishing


These powders are all similar but slightly different. If you aren’t picky or particular about your makeup, HONESTLY, you can use any of these BUT that’s not why we are here. We want the details!

Translucent powders are like a “clear coat”, think clear mascara. They have little to no pigment and can be used with or without makeup to absorb oil and add a slight mattifying “veil” over the skin.

Setting powders are specifically formulated to absorb oil and moisture. They are specifically used to SET moist makeup, such as liquid foundation, so it does not run or smudge easily. This type of powder will dry out your skin! If you are dry or are wanting a dewy finish, this is not the powder for you.  If you are oily and need your makeup to last this is your holy grail.

Finishing powders are usually milled very fine and can create an “airbrushed” finish on your skin. This is my favorite type of powder to use. Finishing powder isn’t formulated specifically for absorbing oil, even though any powder will slightly. A lot of these powders contain hydrating ingredients that give your skin a luminous glow, which IMO is the only way to LEWK.

Q’s & T’s (questions & tips)

Should I get a pressed or loose powder?

Pressed powders are less messy and you can usually find powder foundations easily in this form. Loose powders are messier but allow for a lighter application. Loose powders are also easier to keep sanitary.

How to apply?

Okay. I KNOW “baking” under your eyes is popular but if you are scared of looking “cakey” and don’t want to accentuate fine lines, DON’T DO THIS.  A light dusting is better than baking if you have any wrinkles. Remember WHY you are using which powder and that will help you pick where to put it. Oily? Choose a setting powder and focus on your T zone. Dry but want a matte look? Choose a Finishing powder.

I love a brush application but I’m really loving these plush triangles! They give the best  smoothing application.

What is flashback and how can I avoid it?

Have you ever powdered your face before a night out thinking you look hot, take a few selfies with your gal pals and see your WHITE AF powder popping up in the photo?!? It’s called flashback and you’re using the wrong powder. A translucent powder is great except a lot of them contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients are opaque, white, and reflect light. Products that have “SPF” on them do this. If you are baking your face or know you will be in photographs, choose a matte formula with pigment and without SPF.

Here are some top rated “non flashblack” formulas:



Setting spray vs. Setting powder

This depends on your skin type and your desired finish. Remember, powder absorbs oil and usually leaves a matte finish. A setting spray will still help “set” your makeup and leave you with a “skin like” finish.

My vote? Use both!

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I hope this helps you figure out which powders are right for you and your skin <3

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