Hey everyone, I am Meg Ann Lee , a hairstylist and beauty blogger in the Eau Claire area. This week on the blog we are discussing “TO BOB OR NOT TO BOB” your hair this spring.

From January into March, we have seen an increase in clients going for shorter haircuts. This week I’m breaking down what a “bob” haircut is, where the influence is coming from and what you should consider before doing the big CHOP.

What is a bob haircut?

A bob hair cut can be short to medium length. The hair is typically cut straight around the head at approximately jaw level, and no longer than shoulder-length. Now, we have seen many variations of this like the  “Bixie”, a shaggy mullet bob and the “Lob” aka the long bob.

Who influential is rocking a bob?

We have seen a ton of Hollywood stars ditch their locks lately and start rocking a simple bob. Celebs like Hailey Bieber, Kyle Jenner and Megan Fox all have been rocking a shorter cut in 2024. Here are some of my favorites:

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What to consider before chopping your hair

Think of you daily hair routine. Do you love curling your long hair or are you a “wash and go” gal? Do you wear ponytails every day and/or need to pull your hair back for work? All of these things should be considered before doing the big CHOP.

Thinner hair will always look thicker if you go with a short blunt bob. Very thick hair will usually need to be layered or thinned out to lay flat without creating that “Christmas tree” triangle shape. Face shape can be considered as well. Wherever you have hair ending will direct attention there. An example is if you have face framing starting at your cheekbone it will emphasize that part of your face.

I always am PRO cutting off dry brittle ends. So if you’re over processed and OVER your length, I say go for it! <3

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