Summer is here. Time for sunshine and sun screen. We only get a handful of summers with our little ones so let’s cherish the time we have with our kiddos.

I used to exhaust myself trying to jam pack everything into one summer, but I’ve come to realize that some of the best memories are made by doing the simple, silly things. Here’s a simple summer bucket list that virtually anyone can check off this summer. Yes, even you.

Beach Day

It just doesn’t feel like summer without a full beach day. Pack the kids up in the car and visit a local beach. You don’t have to travel far. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


Lemonade Stand

I used to love doing this as a kid. It will keep your kids occupied for hours. Our favorite recipe is 6 lemons, 6 cups of water and one cup of sugar. So yummy!


Take your kids camping this summer! Whether it’s somewhere with a camp ground or even just in your back yard there’s nothing better than exploring the great outdoors.

Find a Hidden Gem

Explore your local city. There’s so many cool things to do right here in Eau Claire. Try to find somewhere you’ve never been and explore!

Go Fishing

Trent has recently picked up fishing and has been loving it! Every Wednesday he goes fishing with an old friend of mine. He looks forward to it each week.




Create a Drive In Theater

I used to LOVE doing this as a kid. We’d set up a stand to “buy” tickets and snacks. Take out a projector and watch some movies outside under the stars. If you live in an apartment building this obviously is a little more difficult but I know lots of theaters have cheaper tickets Tuesday nights so you can take your kids on a cheap date.

Water Balloon Fight

I know my summer was never complete without a good, old fashioned water balloon fight. The kids love it. It’s even more fun when the parents join in.

Have a happy and safe summer vacation!

<3 Bri

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