Kids are dealing with more now than ever. Between tiktok, instagram and all the things your kids are consuming it can feel harder now, more than ever, to fit in. They no longer worry about being popular in school. They worry about being liked on social media. Here are my tips to help boost their self worth, without buying them a stupid Stanley cup.

Tell them You Love Them

Our kids need to hear this more than we think. I am constantly reminding my son how much I love him, because I don’t ever want him to question it. Don’t only say it when they are succeeding. Remind them when they are experiencing failures as well.

Positive Self Talk

Talk to yourself and about yourself with positivity. Your kids are watching you. Don’t make negative comments about your weight or appearance. Be kind to yourself and your children will learn to be kind to themselves as well.





Praise Perseverance and Celebrate Effort

Confidence is not about succeeding at everything all the time. It’s about not giving up and the ability to keep trying. Praising them for their accomplishments is great but it’s also important to let them know you’re proud of them for trying no matter what the outcome is.

Embrace Imperfection

Teach them that no one is perfect. Social media has a way of making your think everyone is perfect and successful. No one is perfect. No one is happy all the time. No one has it all together.


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