Summer just started and your kids are already screaming and driving you crazy. You ask yourself, “how am I going to survive three months of this torture?” Here is the perfect guide for you to survive this summer.

Put Your Kids to Work

When there are more people at home using things there are more people at home to clean them. If they dirty it, have them clean it. It’s quite simple. No more ms. Nice mom.

Get Help

You know how the saying goes. It takes a village. It’s time to cash in those favors. Hire the kid down the street. Ask your spouse for extra support. Make your older kids help out. Don’t feel like you have to manage alone.



Get Them Involved

Most schools have tons of summer programs so you can get a break. Get play dates set up. Get them involved in activities. Ship them off to summer camp if you can afford it.

Stick to Bedtimes

Just because they’re on summer vacation doesn’t mean they need less sleep. In fact, they’re probably exhausting themselves from running around all day. They may need more. If you stick to your regular bed time routine you’ll be able to get some YOU time at night.

Let Things Go

This one is super hard for my inner control freak, but learn to pick and choose your battles. The house gets messier, the kids are dirtier and not everything is going to go according to plan. That’s ok.

Outside Time

Don’t let them lay around all day inside. Shove them outside. I remember when I was a kid and my parents would make me play outside until dinner time. Make them go out and be kids.

Cheers to survival!

<3 Bri


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