Hey everyone, it’s Meg Ann Lee and this week we are discussing self-care. This can mean SOO many different things to different people, but I am taking you with me on my daily summer self-care journey. If you need some new self-care inspiration this blog post is for you.

Milk Your Mornings


I don’t mean drink your milk. Get the most out of your mornings by waking up and enjoying the moments! MILK THE MOMENTS!

Here is my mini wake up routine:

1. Wake up before the chaos. No matter if it’s kids, work emails, or chores give your self some time before the chaos starts.

2. Morning water chug.

3. Get moving! I do a morning walk with a protein coffee in hand with my doggo, Sandwiches.

4. Skincare. Even if I’m not doing a whole shower, it just wakes me up and makes me feel refreshed.

The 5 Second Rule

This is something I heard from Mel Robins. Essentially when you think of something you need to do, it will take just five seconds for the brain to convince you of reasons not to do it if it isn’t already part of our routine. The brain triggers overthinking.

Make your choice within 5 seconds. Don’t let your brain talk you out of being productive. If you want to know more get her book HERE!

Midday Meditation or Breath Work

 I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll get to work, and my brain is like tunnel vision for 8 hours. Sometimes I don’t even use the restroom. So, if you’re like me TRY to take mini breaks throughout your day to take some deep breaths and focus on your body. Whether that’s breath work, stretching or a quick walk on your lunch, make time for you.

Nighttime Self-care

This one is a JOURNEY for me. I’ve been a night owl for the past decade of my life, thanks to bartending. However, we are EVOLVING over here, 9pm bedtime and 7am wakeup.

My ideal nighttime routine

1. Start getting ready by 8:30pm. (note to self: change work schedule so I can even get home by 8pm)

2. Wear cute PJs. This makes me way more motivated to  “get ready” or to even have a nighttime a routine.

3. Drink a sleepy tea. A calming tea is so key in this routine.

4. Wash face/skincare. I’m the worst at this so the LAZY version of this is just using a makeup eraser. If you aren’t on makeup erasers yet WHAT are you doing. Get one.

5. No phone in bed. Try reading or listening to something calm instead.

I hope this gives you a few new ideas on what you can do to enrich your day-to-day life with a little more YOU time <3

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