This post is for π Day — March 14th. So, of course, I have to write about π– er, I mean, pie. And, if I’m gonna write about pie, let’s go to one of the legendary places for pie in the 715 area code, the place that got on Letterman back in 1990. Let’s go to the Norske Nook in Osseo and have sour cream raisin pie.

The legendary Norske Nook sour cream pie.

This falls in the category of Ultimate Pie. The irony is, when I was younger, I couldn’t really imagine liking a pie involving sour cream. Sour and sweet oftentimes are contradictory. At some point a couple decades ago, I had a slice, and my opinion quickly changed. Now, it’s my favorite choice from their pie menu.

Like I really have to describe a Norske Nook pie, but, since reviewing desserts is the point of the blog, here I go. The merengue has a bit of chewiness — it’s its own layer, instead of quickly evaporating in your mouth, and the slightly-browned peaks add some flavor. The main substance of the pie has the richness of the sour cream offsetting the scattered raisins; if you’re wondering how they match, imagine raisings in yogurt, and you’re on the right track, only without the reward of this confection. The Norske Nook pie crust is has the right amount of flake and light texture.

Another angle, because, yeah, that’s incredible pie.

Typing this post right after eating the pie allowed me to keep enjoying it post-consumption. So, here’s one good option for π Day. Yes, π and pie aren’t the same thing, but let’s call it an excuse to have good pie…and this is really, really good pie.

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