Good ol’ comfort food. It’s something practically everyone likes, yet, the best type in a restaurant is often found in local establishments. You can probably think of several in the area — one good example is Chippewa Family Restaurant. I just so happen to have a radio station co-worker who also works at there, so I asked for dessert options. I took a drive up there with my daughter, and grabbed some comfort food dessert to-go: shakes.

All ready to bring ’em home!

The irony is that I’m a malt person in the shakes-or-malts, er, “debate” (has anyone really debated the merits of shakes vs. malts?). Of course, far be it from me to turn down a shake; when you’re going for comfort food, a shake is close to a staple. Being that my toddler was with, and thinking to what my wife might want, I went with a strawberry and a chocolate (with some to share with our daughter later on).

Ready to be consumed.

The Chippewa Family Restaurant shakes are exactly what you would want them to be: creamy, sweet, rich, easy to drink, and bringing comfort in the form of a dessert. It’s simple and classic. I mainly had the strawberry version; there were bits of actual strawberry throughout.

Looking for a local place to get a good shake and get in a good mood? Go to Chippewa Family Restaurant. Comfort food world, there you go.

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