So your kid wants a pet. I tossed the idea around for years. It started with a fish. We upgraded to a gerbil, but none of those went well. Eventually I decided to get a cat and I’m so glad we did. These are all the reasons having a pet can be beneficial for your kids.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Might sound a little crazy, but scientists have proved that having a pet in your home can boost your immune system. When you’re exposed to different germs your body build immunities.

They also can boost your child’s self-esteem. Their unconditional love can add to your child’s confidence.

Teaches Responsibility

Having a pet can also teach your kids responsibility. Daily feeding, walking and grooming teach your children consistency. As kids mature you can assign them more active roles.

Ages Up to 5: Have them help you with feeding times

Ages 6-8: Playing with the pet, brush or grooming and feeding times all under your supervision

Ages 8-11: Put them in charge of feeding, watering and cleaning up after your pet

Ages 12+: They should be able to take on most of the responsibility by themselves. Walking, feeding, grooming, play time and cleaning up after your pet.


A New Friend

I know my son has become best pals with our cat. He loves coming home to her after school and she encourages him to show compassion and love to another living thing. Having a pet can be a great ice breaker for making new friends too!

Pets can be such a lovely addition to your family and teach your kids so many life skills.


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