You don’t find too many tarts around the Chippewa Valley. I have made a tarte Tatin, based on a recipe that my mother once found. However, tarts aren’t particularly commonplace. If you find one, it’s worth a try. I found a few at the Eau Claire Hy-Vee, so I decided to spring for the Pecan Bourbon Tart.

A gleaming tart.

Essentially, what you find in their bakery are mini-pies, which is neat. Getting a pecan bourbon tart meant getting a mini-pecan pie — a pie I could eat in one setting and have my abdomen remain in agreement with me. A thick tart shell contained the pecans and the bourbon sauce — there was a bit of kick from the bourbon flavor, but not too much, and it added a good dynamic to the pie vibe.

Two halves of a tart.

Later in the evening after I first tried it, I warmed the remaining half to have with ice cream; this was a solid choice. So, I did kind of have a pie with slices, but it was in the name of variety. If you would like some variety in the tarts, note that they have other flavors like banana cream. Little versions of bigger desserts — your own personal pie, and a tart that won’t leave you “tart.”

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