There are a good number of local confectionaries; some have storefronts, some are online, and some…show up where they show up. Take my recent discovery while perusing The Local Store in downtown Eau Claire. Star Line Candy Shoppe, from Fairchild? I hadn’t heard of them, but their offerings were definitely worth a purchase. I went with the Peanut Clusters:

Chocolate-y clusters of peanuts.

I asked at the checkout about Star Line, and found out that the proprietor is an Amish man who, when his items are ready, borrows a phone to arrange his products for delivery to places like The Local Store for selling. The ingredients — as you would expect — are straight-forward. Thus, you get a good snaking dessert of milk chocolate-coated peanuts. I love myself some chocolate and some peanuts, so this was perfect.

The other options when I stopped by included Cherry Delight, Cashew Crunch, and Peanut Butter Creme; other options can be found at The Nickel Barn in Osseo. Make the trip to either place (or check out the links above), and get yourself a quick and tasty dessert that made its way from shop to shop.

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