Would you believe that I’ve never been to Bloomer? Almost a lifelong resident of Eau Claire, and I’ve been to almost all the surrounding communities at one point or another over the decades…but not Bloomer. Food-wise, this meant I was missing out on some well-known places. Obviously, the Main Street Cafe (though, thanks to their distribution around the Chippewa Valley, I always make sure to leave room for the pie). Bohemian Ovens also started sending their wares down here, but I’ve never been to their main restaurant. Then there’s Bloomer Bakery, which got a good amount of plaudits from Eau Claire Foodies Facebook group posts about the best places to find baked goods in western Wisconsin. To try them, I needed to go to Bloomer. So I *finally* did, and I’m glad I went:

So close, you can almost taste it through the ether of the Internet.

Bloomer Bakery is on Main Street in downtown Bloomer — right across the street from the Main Street Cafe. You immediately see your options in the display case once you enter: donuts (I got a couple cake ones for my wife), danishes, turnovers, cookies, etc. Breads are to the side walls, and specialties are on the top of the case. I asked what was most recommended, and — fortuitously — the choice was the same thing that first caught my eye as I started scanning: the peanut butter cake.

It’s a solid square of moist and light chocolate cake, topped with peanut butter creme, chocolate-peanut butter candy, and chocolate drizzle. Basically, my ultimate kind of dessert. It’s such dessert comfort food. You have a glass of milk with it like I did (and, perhaps, save half for later to have with vanilla ice cream), and you’ve reached the ideal mix of cake, chocolate, and peanut butter. I see why it was recommended for me to try.

The peanut butter cake was a highlight when I stopped by, so you might find different options when you go. Mostly, though, make sure you don’t pull a “me” and go decades without going to Bloomer to eat. Baked goods await your arrival.

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