New Meat Map Will Guide State Visitors

There are just some professional events you WANT to be invited to, and the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors(WAMP) is one of those!

This group is made up of large, medium and small butcher shops from across the state – each one specializing in something a little different. Aside from all the professional education and hands-on learning their annual convention offers attendees, it also featured judging award winning entries from across the state for the Wisconsin State Fair – a brand new activity for the group this year. Jake Sailer has served the organization as its president for the past two years. In that time, he says he’s watched the group struggle with external problems created by the pandemic, and pivot toward new growth with an outreach campaign involving “Discover Wisconsin”.

The new “Meat Map” that the association’s assembled is also designed to introduce new customers to meat markets they might otherwise miss when they’re traveling the state. Sailer says it’s all about raising awareness to the artisan’s that make Wisconsin their home. Sailer estimates Wisconsin has approximately 500 butcher shops, putting them number one or two in the nation.

Sailer concluded his term as president of the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors on Saturday during the conclusion of the state convention. Andy Geiss from Geiss Meat Market in Merrill will step in as the new president of WAMP.