Earlier this spring, the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 was “Too Sweet” by Hozier. The essence of the lyric is that the object of his desire is, in effect, too sweet for him; they’re too good. If one were to translate this to a dessert, I suppose this would be a food that’s so rich, you almost feel overwhelmed with each bite. It’s good — so good, you wonder if you should even be allowed to taste it. I made the tortured analogy while having one of the most intense and awesome cake experiences in recent memory: the lava cake from Grizzly’s Wood-Fired Grill & Bar:

A rounded star of sauce surrounds the chocolate volcano.

This is ultimate decadence. You have a deep almost-dark chocolate brownie cake, with softer chocolate in the middle — that’s the part that has the “molten” effect when you eat it warm/hot. Drizzled on top: more dark chocolate. Chocolate with chocolate and chocolate — but the best part was the aforementioned interior. The bites of the center were the ones that made we wonder if I was worthy of eating this delicacy. So much flavor; such a strong hit of chocolate.


If you want to know lava cake, get this. You may wonder what you did to deserve such a reward. Well, all you did was order it from Grizzly’s. It’s easy to do…and you will be glad you stayed committed to your choice.

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