Hey everyone, it’s Meg Ann Lee. Sometimes you just need a night out with your girls and this week we are doing exactly that!  I am bringing you along with me while I prep for a girls night. We are talking hair, lashes, tanning, and choosing an outfit for the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 concert!



The lash industry is getting dragged HARD right now on TikTok and I will say I am not one to consistently get fills every two weeks. However, I LOVE getting lash extensions. I see Amber at Rose Room Beauty. If I’m going on a vacation or have an event, lash extensions are my go-to. Lucky for you, the Eau Claire area is FULL of talented lash techs. We have two education hubs locally that are offering certifications and trainings all the time.

If you are more of a DIY person here are some at home kits and a few of my fav lashes:





Extensions? Me? Obviously. I currently have in a 2-row weft + k-tips for my hair install done at Moss Hair Salon in Eau Claire.  Long hair just gives me a new level of confidence. If you want to try something less permanent, get yourself some clip ins or a halo. There are so many options out there to have fun with your hair!


 I don’t know about you but I’m a brand-new woman if I have a little bit of a glow to my skin. Self-tanner has made big steps in quality over the past decade. Check out my Self Tanning blog HERE.


We are going out to the Pink Friday 2 Tour, so YOU KNOW I must wear something pink! I ended up going with an oversized jersey from Akira and chose comfort over fashion when it came to my boots.

I hope this inspires you to take some time for yourself, plan some self-care appointments and make plans with your besties <3

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