Music was a major part of my life when I was kid. I took piano lessons early on and switched to guitar from there. It was a skill I carried with me into adulthood and I still play and write songs to this day. It was always something I wanted to share with Trent as he got older, so when I came home with his recorder from school I got way too excited. Here are some tips to get your kids started.


I remember I posted on Facebook when Trent brought his recorder home from school and everyone was saying, “ugh that’s the worst. Have fun dealing with that.” I didn’t view it as a nuisance. I was excited that he was excited to learn something new. Being supportive and encouraging kids to learn new skills is so important. Will they be great at it right away? Probably not. But don’t discourage them. Use this as an opportunity to encourage learning even more instruments.

Buying Their First Instrument

While it may be tempting to buy your kids a guitar or keyboard from Wal-Mart because they may not use it all the time…DON’T! The sound isn’t the same. A good sounding instrument will make all the difference when they are learning. You can visit pawn shops or thrift for some keyboards. We got Trent’s keyboard at Savers and it sounds great. As they get older take them to a local music store. They’ll be so excited.



Let Them Choose

I think a lot of kids lose interest because they are learning an instrument or music they don’t care about. Let them choose which instrument they want to play. Let them choose what kind of music they want to make. Trent started showing interest because he wanted to learn the songs from the video games he likes and we just rolled with it.


Finding lessons doesn’t have to be hard. Do a quick google search or stop into your local music store and ask them questions. They can point you in the right direction. Pick up some books, look up YouTube videos. There’s so many different ways to learn things these days!


<3 Bri

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