In October 2021, Farewell Transmission Radio hit the airwaves of Converge Radio, aiming to expand listeners’ musical horizons with a taste of country and Americana. From the get-go, host Jordan Duroe wanted to put on “occasional” live events in order to connect more with listeners. But what Farewell Transmission Radio does now is a little more than occasional. The radio show put on over 30 events in 2023, from dance nights to vinyl sessions, and more.

The original artwork for Farewell Transmission Radio on Converge.

Farewell Transmission Radio’s overall goal is to foster genuine human connection, and spread the love of all kinds of music far and wide. It’s all about bringing together local talent and out-of-town acts, making Eau Claire’s music scene a place everyone wants to be: “we can be the local element Eau Claire looks for while regularly spotlighting artists from beyond the Chippewa Valley,” Jordan says.

And it turns out, the Chippewa Valley loves it. Music fans have been receptive to new and known bands, having a great time at every type of show. Folks “just altogether keep proving to be great audiences no matter what is asked of them,” Jordan says. “I’m very proud of this community, and to bring artists through to share in and experience it.”

Looking forward, Jordan has some killer events lined up. After a short break, new music will fill the air of the Chippewa Valley, with the Cole Diamond Band returning to the Mousetrap in April, Humbird and ISMAY at the Stones Throw in June, and Chris Acker with a full band, also in June. Keep up with all the awesome events Farewell Transmission Radio is putting on at their Instagram

“A lot of surveys and studies suggest there’s something of a widespread “loneliness epidemic” occurring these days,” says Jordan, “and while getting people into a room together to talk, listen, and dance with each other isn’t going to single-handedly solve this…maybe it’s a start?”

In a nutshell, Farewell Transmission Radio is all about the power of music and community. With his laid-back vibe and commitment to keeping the music flowing, Jordan is shaking up the scene one beat at a time. 

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