Focused On Farmers – Truck Companies Unite

It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment used everyday on farms across Wisconsin – across the country! Pickup trucks. Everybody’s got their favorites and are happy to spend time defending them in conversation, clothing, caps and stickers. The truck industry’s paying attention, and are uniting under Ag Truck Trader, with the goal of not only providing farms with the right truck – but adding thousands of dollars in bonus merchandise you’re going to use as well.

Patrick Driscoll, is the CEO and president of Certified Agriculture Dealer (CAD) Program. As a former farm broadcaster, he was well aware of how heavily targeted farmers are for marketers of everything from combines to clothing. Driscoll was given an opportunity to try a new approach to not only selling to farmers, but also serving their needs beyond an individual category. Hence, Ag Truck Trader and its AgPack.

Fellow farm broadcaster, Pam Jahnke, got a chance to catch up with her friend and find out how the program’s progressed. It’s gone from humble beginning with just one national brand, to now encompassing ALL major brands of trucks, and a bushel basket of other ag suppliers coming together under one umbrella.