We’re squarely in the 2023 holiday season; this meant that I wanted to see what was on the December Monthly Menu at The Nostalgic Bean in Altoona. The Christmas season is a time for desserts different from any other time during the year — think figs and such. Oh, did I ever find that on the menu, with the figgy tart:

Like a little figgy bunny.

There is A LOT going on in this tart. When you first bite (presuming your bite is on the smaller side), you catch the sugar cookie-flavor of the crust, and the richness of the cinnamon diplomat cream. This alone would make for an awesome dessert, but the main act is yet to come. Buried at the bottom is a layer of hazelnut cream; above is a dollop of fig preserves; sticking out are parts of candied figs. Like, which route do you go to get the taste? Or, do you try to catch all in one?

I tended to work my way around: sometimes with the preserves, sometimes just a fig, then a return to crust and diplomat cream. Finally, everything in one chomp (with some tart and diplomat cream remaining). This was like several dessert experiences in a setting; there was that pop of sugar from the figs, and the tartness from the preserves, all leading to quite the holiday delicacy.

That holiday menu extends to full desserts for multiple eatings; when I was there, I was told that one of the highlights is the Bûche De Noël (a yule log): it has chocolate sponge, mocha chantilly, dark rum and dark chocolate ganache. You’ll find that and others from this particular holiday menu HERE (and — if you’re reading this before Christmas — order it fast).

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