Hey, it’s Meg Ann Lee. If you have been watching my thrifting TikToks or reading my style blogs, you know I love styling a grandpa sweater. This week we are discussing the eclectic grandpa style. Honestly, this is my time to SHINE!!! If you’re wondering how to style an old knit sweater and create the eclectic grandpa aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is The Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic?


Think sweaters, stripes, loafers, flat brim dad hats and comfort-first! Mixing vintage clothing with new items is key here to create this style. Here are some ideas:




What To Look For While Shopping?

Search ALL clothing sections. I always end up shopping in the mens or kids department for random items.

How to Style a Sweater into an Eclectic Grandpa Outfit?

I like to layer while creating this look. Grab a long dress shirt, plain or a light stripped pattern, and layer it under a sweater. I also like layering an old T-shirt with a sweater vest and a vintage dad hat. If you’re grabbing a sneaker, I would go for a retro style like the Adidas gazelle or the Nike blazer ’77 vintage. Eclectic means a style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources, so take that LITERALLY. Mix and match!

I always love seeing the new “aesthetic” labels newer generations come up with. We’ve seen ballet-core and strawberry girl to preppy and eclectic grandpa aesthetic. At the end of the day fashion should be fun and you can try any style you want <3

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