As your kids get older they continuously are going through new life experiences. One of those will inevitably be their first heartbreak. Here’s how we deal with heartbreak in our household.

Take Them Somewhere Fun

One way to get their mind off of it is to take them out to do something fun. We decided to take a night to go get hot dogs and play arcade games at Reboot Social. This helps ease the pain for a bit so they aren’t at home listening to the same song on repeat staring at the ceiling. Face it, we all did this too.



Give Them a Safe Space

Never ever make your child feel like they shouldn’t be upset about something. Whether it’s a breakup or anything else going on in their life. Provide a safe space to discuss their feelings without judgement. Fergie had it wrong. Big girls do cry, and big boys can cry too.


Give Them Space and Time

Let them come to you. Sometimes hounding your kids to talk about their feelings can make things worse. Even children need space and time to process their feelings. Just like a break up as an adult they need to go through the stages of grief. Don’t pressure them to get over it.



Encourage Them to Spend Time With Friends

Unfortunately, parents aren’t the same as having a good group of friends to confide in. Encourage them to get out and spend time with friends. Nothing heals a broken heart like having good people in your corner.

I hope this helps!

<3 Bri

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