The first image you see when you go to the menu at the Mom’s Kitchen menu page on their website is a cinnamon roll. Having never made my way up there. Having somehow never managed to make my way there before, that was as good a cue as any that this was my choice to try their dessert. Thus, the Mom’s Kitchen cinnamon roll!

A landscape of frosting.

The cinnamon roll is actually about the right size. The sneaky trick with cinnamon rolls is that their occasionally gargantuan amount of toll and cinnamon and frosting can be a lot for one eating, and you either have to keep it fresh for later for feel a little dampened for awhile. Not the case with the Mom’s Kitchen cinnamon roll. It’s just small-enough that having one for breakfast is the proper amount to get you full. On top of the roll is a wonderfully rich cream cheese frosting, slathered across the entire top.

The frosting delves deep into the crevices of the roll.

Say you’re like me and have never stopped by Mom’s Kitchen. If you click on their About page, the top listing under “Services Available” is…comfort food! I’m a member of Eau Claire Foodies on Facebook, and I’ll often see them come up in requests for good places for breakfast (and also other types of food). I’ll have to stop by and try some of those menu options…though I’m glad I’ve already checked one off the list.

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