I chose a really good time to make my first visit to Guac N’ Roll. My wife *really* wanted their Barstow Burrito, but before I headed to downtown Eau Claire, I double-checked their Facebook page (it was the day of the Clearwater Parade, so always wise to see what’s opened/blocked/etc.). Fortuitously, perhaps an hour before I checked, they posted about a new beverage…which happened to be in the dessert realm. Thus, I got to try the champurrado.

A full cup of champurrado.

There’s technically not a *dessert* menu at Guac N’ Roll, but this counts, as far as I’m concerned — this is a Mexican rendition of hot chocolate. The gist of champurrado is the presence of corn dough/masa. That thickens it up; imagine a hot version of a chocolate malt. The typical champurrado includes Mexican chocolate, plus spices; I detected cinnamon. All in all, it was quite the pleasant drink to sip on my way back to my vehicle on a coldish evening.

Now, the rest of my order was, of course, not dessert, but it was freaking awesome; I strongly recommend you go to Guac N’ Roll on Barstow (I had a Barstow Burrito for my main item). Now, if you want a sweet-yet-spicy complement — or save some for later like I did (having some ice cream alternating with the drink) — you know what to order. It’s hot chocolate season in the Chippewa Valley…and, now, champurrado season.

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