Easter approaches, and around this time of year, bunny imagery appears. In the dessert realm, that might be associated with candy eggs (Cadburys…mmmm…) but for a local touch, let’s go with something involving a food one might stereotypically expect a rabbit to consume: carrot cake.

I have always been a carrot cake fan, likely going back to the store-bought variety my dad would always want to buy. Meanwhile, my wife cannot stand carrot cake; if I buy any, I get it all. However, I recently bought the Hangar 54 carrot cake. How good is the their take on carrot cake? I’ll put it this way: wife liked it.

So much carrot cake…

This was a thick, moist cube of carrot cake. An almost gooey-yet-solid cake base with shreds of grated carrot mixed through the sweetness of the flavor, alternating with rich cream cheese levels, and chunks of walnuts along the top. Bite by bite, I almost could not fathom how wonderful this tasted. There was so much carrot cake in this serving that I did something I rarely do: saved more for later. This was a lot of excellence in this massive serving.

…so much deliciousness.

I understand why the folks at one of the Eau Claire-area Facebook food groups recommended Hangar 54’s carrot cake as among the best you will find in the Chippewa Valley. I’ll eat and enjoy all types of this vegetable-based dessert, but if you want to get experience pinnacle carrot cake, head to the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport and order this version from Hangar 54. I think even the bunnies will agree.

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