Hey, I am Meg Ann Lee. Have you guys been seeing the “things that just make sense” video trend on IG or TikTok? Well, this week we are doing a “things that just make sense” beauty room edition. I’m sharing all the items I think will make your life easier in your beauty room or makeup area.

A Vanity Mirror With Lights

I love an original big ring light but DANG those are so bright and if you are not filming a TikTok tutorial, you probably don’t need all that. A great alternative is a vanity mirror with lights or a mini ring light.



Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizers

I like to SEE my makeup items or I forget and don’t use them. These clear acrylic drawers are perfect. They can hold makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, and other cosmetics, keeping them visible and easily accessible.

Drawer Dividers

Most of the makeup items I keep in my drawers are small, so I NEED drawer organizers.
These are useful for hair accessories, nail polish, or skincare products within your vanity or makeup area.



Full Length Mirror

This is an obvious one but there are so many cool designs out there for big mirrors right now so pick a cool one!



Seating Doubling As Storage

Ottomans that open are SO clutch in keeping your room tidy. I use mine for storing all my extra makeup/hair accessories that do not need to be out all year round. AKA halloween costume props and fake blood. IYKYK.




Velvet Hangers

I’m in the process of switching my old plastic hangers over to these as my old ones break. Velvet hangers are ideal for hanging clothing in small closets because they take up less space than thick plastic hangers.

Creating a space that is functional and fun is KEY to enjoying your time getting ready. Have fun with it! <3

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