My son recently showed an interest in watching horror movies. As someone who owns a spooky shop and loves everything related to horror and halloween I was super excited about his request. Some people of course had opinions. “Why are you letting your 9 year old watch stuff like that?”

Here’s why. I strongly believe that I would rather have him come to me showing interest in something like this than him try to find it on his own and see something he shouldn’t. I’ve seen so many of the movies he’s interested in and can determine if it’s something that would traumatize him or not. It’s become an awesome bonding experience for us and he’s really enjoying himself. So here’s the question. What is age appropriate media?



I think it’s so dependent on the child and you, as the parent, to make that call. How mature are your children? Are they easily scared? Does the movie depict extreme violence or other inappropriate acts? Do a pre screening before watching if it’s rated PG-13.

There is also a website where you can find details of the movie and what other parents thought about it if you’re not sure.

All kids are so different so nothing is one size fits all. Some kids are bad reactions to movies as mild as Bambi. If you really know your child you’ll be able to make the right call.

Hope this helps!

<3 Bri

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